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Eating the foods that make your body and brain feel amazing doesn’t have to be a challenge. We spent years researching and developing a formula with the perfect nutrients to keep your body’s systems running optimally throughout your day—and Synchro Genesis is the result.

Oh, and the best part? Preparing this delicious nutrient-powerhouse of a chocolate shake is as easy as adding water in a jar and shaking. How brilliant is that?



Neutralizes Toxins


Reduces Inflammation


Naturally Energizing


Supports Healthy Metabolism


In developing Synchro Genesis, we looked at the two biggest factors that prevent most people from feeling and performing as well as they could—toxins and inflammation—and took them head-on.

Exceptional levels of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in Synchro Genesis work to neutralize toxins, thus helping to preserve proper metabolic and hormone function and reducing systemic inflammation. The net result is a body that feels energized and alive and a brain that’s sharp as a tack.

Perfectly Synergized Ingredients

The Keystone Ingredient

Organic Wild-Harvested Ecuadorian Raw Cacao

If there’s any food on this planet deserving of the title “superfood,” it’s surely raw cacao. It has all of the same phytonutrients that give dark chocolate it’s much-lauded health benefits, but in dramatically higher levels. Here’s what makes raw cacao so powerful:


Raw cacao is the single most antioxidant rich food on the planet, bar none. The dose of cacao in one serving of Genesis provides more antioxidants than 4 cups of blueberries!
Brain Enhancers
Raw cacao contains very high levels of phenylethylamine and anandamide, both well known to enhance mood and improve cognitive function.
Sustainable Energy
Related to, but much gentler than caffeine, theobromine stimulates the cardiovascular system (caffeine stimulates the CNS), increasing blood flow throughout the body, which produces a dramatic “awake and alive” feeling in the body and brain after drinking Genesis.
Nutrient Delivery
Increased blood flow also facilitates improved delivery of nutrients and clearing of toxins throughout the body.

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Where is Synchro Genesis made? Synchro Genesis is made in a cGMP and Organic Certified facility in Southern California.

Where do the ingredients come from? Our cacao is wild harvested from an Organic Certified property in the mountains of Ecuador. Our maca root comes from an Organic Certified farm in the mountains of Peru. Our acai is wild harvested from Organic Certified properties in Brazil. Our turmeric extract comes from an Organic Certified farm in Vietnam. Our kelp, dulse, dandelion and alfalfa come from Organic Certified properties in the USA. Our spirulina and chlorella come from Organic Certified farms in China. Our coconut sugar comes from an Organic Certified farm in Indonesia. Our pea protein comes from a Non-GMO Certified farm in the USA. Our hemp comes from an Organic Certified farm in Canada.

Where is Synchro based? Synchro was founded in 2011 by biochemist and nutritionist Graham Ryan with the mission of helping others pursue a state of true health. Synchro is headquartered in and ships all orders from Berkeley, CA.

Who should use Synchro Genesis? Synchro Genesis will be particularly beneficial for anyone looking to increase metabolic function and energy levels. Because Synchro Genesis is highly anti-inflammatory, it can also help in alleviating foggy brain and achy joints and muscles.

How does Synchro Genesis work? The benefits of Synchro Genesis are three-fold. First, exceptional levels of antioxidants neutralize toxins in the body, reducing systemic inflammation and helping to restore proper metabolic and hormone function. Second, cacao works as a metabolic and cardiovascular stimulant. This produces Genesis’ energizing effects while being much gentler on the body and adrenals than coffee and other caffeine sources. Finally, the ratio of proteins, carbs and fats in Genesis work to promote healthy metabolic function and lean body composition over time.

How do I use Synchro Genesis? Mix 4 tablespoons of Synchro Genesis in 8oz of ice-cold water or non-dairy milk. Shake well and enjoy. That’s it.

For best results and vibrant true health, use at least one serving daily.

When can I expect results? If you’re like most people, you’ll feel a boost within 30 minutes of drinking a single serving of Genesis. That being said, the real benefits of Genesis arise with more consistent use. It’s generally after about two weeks of consistent daily use that people start to notice their energy levels throughout the day and overall well-being have improved dramatically.

Do I need to refrigerate Synchro Genesis? It’s not necessary, but refrigeration will extend shelf life and potency considerably.